Tremosine's territory


"I wish to have my friends next door to enjoy together the panorama that presents itself to me before! I could be as early as this evening in Verona but I promised you the view of an admirable work of nature: the breathtaking Lake Garda."


Front Territorio

Our Territory

The Tremosine high-plain is found in the heart of the High Garda Bresciano Nature Park. This nature conservation area offers sights of natural and environmental beauty and vistas of unrivalled splendour. From the mountains to the lake, from alpine to Mediterranean. The highest mountains of the Park blend with the blue of Lake Garda. There is a breathtaking road that runs through the deep gorge of the Brasa stream. It has often been called ‘the most beautiful road in the world’.

The charming landscapes and the stunning panoramas of this road have been used in famous films and television advertisements. Also dining, with its oenological and culinary traditions full of wholesome flavours, enriches the hospitality of this region: with lake fish, mountain game, the famous ‘extra virgin olive oil of Garda’ the celebrated black truffles, wines and cheeses. And then, nearby, there is the lake which is a paradise for wind-surfing, kite-surfing and sailing. In just a few minutes you can pass from the tranquillity of the high-plain to the liveliness of the lakeside.

There you can choose between a scenic boat ride or take the fast hydrofoil, which, in just a few minutes will take you from one place to another around the lake.


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